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Custom Spray Foam Solutions /OEM

Aloha Energy Custom Spray Foam Solutions

* Do you have a need for a Custom Spray Foam  Formulation?
* Do you have an idea for a new product that requires foam in its core, for structural or insulation purposes?
* Do you have a product or packaging problem?

Aloha Energy knows how to solve problems, how to put things together, how to step back see the big picture and figure it out.

We had a customer approach us about creating a very green foam for his freezer manufacturing company.  We succeeded in creating a new foam that worked for his process and within 2 months he was up and running with our formulation.

We’re currently working with a surfboard manufacturer on a product that could restore the custom surfboard industry in this country.

Some common Spray and Injection Foam Insulation Applications:

  • Storage Containers of any kind
  • Freezers
  • Walk-in Coolers
  • Jacuzzi Manufacturing
  • Swimming Pools
  • Custom Hot Water Tanks
  • Barns
  • Metal Buildings
  • Decoration
  • Set Design
  • Floatation for Boat Docks and Boats
  • Packaging
  • Your idea goes here!  Let’s talk.

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