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Aloha Energy – Spray Foam Insulation Albany NY

Aloha Energy came out of our initial home building endeavor.  We (Tom & Cynthia Eletto) started Aloha Homes, LLC in the fall of 2004 with the mission to build extremely energy efficient and moderately priced homes. Tom has many years of construction experience including having built his own log home, a luxury 3,800 sq ft, two unit, lakefront townhouse, a number of wooden boats and an ongoing complete gut-to-the-bare-walls restoration of an 1860 Saratoga Victorian.

Cynthia focuses on the financial management of the company. Why “Aloha Homes” you may ask. We had our Hawaiian experience in the fall of 1998, two super weeks in the very scenic and amazingly varied terrain of Maui. We were very touched by the beauty of the culture, people and landscape that we found. Our goal is to return for an extended period of time, someday. But in the meantime we’ll endeavor to reflect the spirit of Aloha here in our own special part of the planet, Saratoga Springs, NY USA.

Click here to discover more about what Aloha really means. That was the story of how Aloha Homes began; the next step in our mission to be an even larger part of the Green Revolution was our venture into the manufacturing of Emega’s Soy Based Spray Foam Insulation. We had been using spray foam in the building of our highly energy efficient custom modular homes for a number of years. We thought it might make economic sense to purchase spray foam insulation application equipment and do it our selves rather than subcontract the work out. We began exploring, via the internet, what it would take to accomplish this and during those searches we came upon Emega Biopolymers / Emega Eccopolymers / Emega Build et. al. and its founder Don Duffy.

We thought that his vision of creating the “greenest” soy-based spray foam insulation, along with a distributed manufacturing business model made sense, so we decided to join the Emega team. Unfortunately that relationship didn’t work out for a number of reasons beyond our control but we decided to press on and make our new Aloha Energy company the success we knew it could be.

With the assistance of some very talented chemists we have created a new range of High Content Bio-Renewable spray and injection foam systems, based on sugar, castor, soy and (our breakthrough raw material) oil from the shells of cashew nuts!

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